Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I can’t believe I’ve been so blind.

Let’s review the sitch. I meet this great guy. He’s totally hot, definitely stylish, has the best sense of fashion ever, fantastic dancer, outgoing personality, good morals, funny, always up for going out, all my friends love him, even my gay friends….

Wait, hang on. What?? Yeah. YEAH. He’s freaking gay!

Hello?! How did I not notice this before? Am I really that oblivious?

Of COURSE he chose gay clubs when we went out. Of COURSE he hasn’t kissed me after TWO freaking weeks of sleeping practically naked only inches from me. I feel like such an idiot for not realizing this before. Ah!

It isn’t like he’s come out and said it to me, but he really doesn’t need to. It’s pretty obvious. Oh well…. Let’s be honest, I’ve never been one to turn down a gay friend. You can never have too many if you ask me! And at least I have a super fun new shopping/dancing partner right?

In other news, I signed up a few days ago for speed-dating for tonight, I can’t wait. I wonder what I should wear??

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