Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sin City here I come!

The girl in the mirror is off to Vegas to have a few very sinful days!!

Keep checking back though, I'll try to find a few minutes to keep you guys entertained.

'Til next time.... Ciao!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rich guys and Kelly Clarkson.

One of my favorite ways to spend a day off is to sit at home at the dining room table with my roommate. I think it's one of those "you'd have to be there" things, but we sit around on our laptops, watching tv and iming each other links to funny things.

Today was no exception. We've spent many a day off (and some evenings into the wee early hours of the morning when bottles of wine are involved) signing up for dating sights, only to find that the others enrolled are some of the most unattractive and socially-stunted people possible... unless you're into bottom feeder types. We basically spend most of this time sending each other links to the worst profiles we can find.

So we're sitting there, with Tila Tequila on in the background (why does she get a Shot of Love? She's a hoebag in the body of an 11 year old Asian girl) and my roommate somehow stumbles upon a website called "Millionaire Match."

Now, boys and girls, before you get your lacy underthings in a bunch, I wouldn't date someone just because they were rolling in dough. However, I am human. And I'm a girl. And I'm 23. And there is definitely some allure to dating some wealthy, handsome entrepreneur who wants to sweep me off my feet in his Maserati and whisk me away to Monaco. I'm just saying.

So of course, we did as we usually do, and signed the hell up for this thing.

Now, just like you I'm sure, I was expecting to find nothing but old, unattractive, married pervs who were looking for a "sugar baby" or whatever other sickening name you might use to describe a girlfriend who you pay to love you. But what I found completely shocked me.

I can't tell you how many especially good looking, positive, funny, intelligent, very wealthy, and NEARBY guys are on this thing! It's unbelievable. So we start browsing through these profiles and find MORE than enough guys to decide that this website is right up our alley.

I've found around 10 totally stellar guys who I "winked" at.... the website only allows you to initiate email conversations if you are a "premium" member (and I make it a policy to NEVER pay for an online dating website, that's just a whole new level), and a few of them have already emailed back. A male underwear model, a hot Persian Fashion mogul, an adorable blue eyed Psychiatrist working at the UCLA medical center... I could go on. And they're all under 32!

Pinch me?

All the while, we're listening (/belting) to Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent." Oh the irony.

Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance, mmmm

Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, no

Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never let a man help her off her throne

So, by keeping her heart protected
She'll never, ever feel rejected
Little miss apprehensive
Said ooh, she fell in love

What is this feeling taking over?
Thinking no one could open the door
Surprise, it's time, to feel what's real
What happened to miss independent's no longer need to be defensive?
Goodbye, old you, when love, is true

(Verse 2)
Misguided heart
Miss play it smart
Miss if you wanna use that line, you better not start, no

But she miscalculated
She didn't wanna end up jaded
And this miss decided not to miss out on true love

So, by changing a misconception
She went in a new direction
And found inside, she felt a connection
She fell in love

When miss independent walked away
No time for love that came her way
She looked in the mirror and thought today
What happened to miss no longer afraid?
It took some time for her to see
How beautiful love could truly be
No more talk of why can't that be me
I'm so glad I've finally seen

P.S. I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been spreading the word about my blog.... I went from around 7 hits a day to 97 already today! You guys are awesome, I really appreciate it. Muah muah muah!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is just too sad.


If you can't see what this chart says, let me sum it up for you. I'm averaging about 4.5 hits a day. I know that a lot of you reading this are probably reading it from other portals (facebook, technorati, etc) but for the love of blog.... I can't write for four freaking people. And the only way I know how many people are reading it is if you actually click on the link to look at it.

I was ranked in the 700's about a week ago, now I'm down to the 2300's.... ahhh!

So if you happen to know people who you think would be amused, delighted, inspired, mildly effected, or even traumatized by this blog..... AND I KNOW YOU DO, please tell them about it. Spread the word. Shout it from the rooftops. Heck, even smoke signals can be tre chic in the right circumstances. Help a girl out.

I may be a little crazy, but I don't particularly enjoy talking to myself.

This is an A. and B. conversation, so C. your way out of it.

I had an interesting conversation at work today on the topic of "who pays."

In my opinion, whoever asks for the date pays. If a guy asks me to go out, I think he should pay for the date. If I ask a guy on a date, then I'll pay (or offer to pay) for the date.

Now the way that I get around that (because of course there's a way.... I am a girl you know) is that I don't usually ask a guy on a date. I have gotten really good at making guys think that they are the ones that wanted to go out in the first place. But rules are rules, and if I do actually do the asking I will for sure assume I'm going to pay.

The other thing is that if I want to be really charming, even on the first date, I'll start moving towards my wallet when the check comes. That way, the guy will see that I'm going towards money to pitch in, and will almost inevitably be totally impressed that I am willing to pay/say "Oh no way, don't worry about it!" This definitely scores me some points in the way of being an awesome girl and not a gold-digging moochface. Plus he scores some points by not letting me pitch in (usually...).

The second date usually goes as the first does. This is kind of a crossroads for the budding relationship on many levels; obviously a second date meant I liked him (and he liked me) enough to want to see each other again. On the subject of who pays, if he again pays for this date, chances are he's either A. a keeper or B. has more money than most of the guys his age. If he lets me pay this time, I will either A. not mind because I'm totally digging his chili, or B. be kind of turned off and not see him again. Hopefully it will be option A., as I have a hard time changing my own mind after it makes itself up.

Going dutch (ugh... even the phrase turns me off) is a whole 'nother ball game. It is the world's biggest turn-off to pay for my own meal. I would rather take us both out to dinner, or the movies, or bowling or whatever than have to just pay for myself. If I wanted to pay for myself, I would have gone out by myself. Going dutch to me means that he A. was raised by wolves or B. does not intend to see me again. It most likely means that he isn't expecting to take turns, as in I will pay next time, because he doesn't foresee a next time. In the event that we go dutch, I don't foresee a next time either.

By the third date, I'm more than happy to pay if he'll let me. I don't expect a guy to pay for every meal, show ticket, bucket of popcorn, or pair of rental skates for me for the rest of our relationship. I think that's unrealistic (unless, of course, your name is Holly, Bridget, or Kendra.... you lucky bitches). I am a mostly-modern girl and I do find pleasure in taking someone I like a lot out to dinner. I will, however, never turn down being treated, unless its like a birthday or something.

My friend at work has a different strategy, and its mapped out quite nicely by date number. I hope I get this right (please feel free to correct me if I miss anything).

First Date: She expects him to pay. She doesn't make a move to chip in, but says a big thank you after the check is taken care of.

Second Date: Again, she expects him to pay. But this time, she will ask if he wants some money. Hopefully he doesn't.

Third Date: By the third date, she will offer to chip in, and if he doesn't let her, she'll buy him a drink or something later on.

Fourth Date: By this time she thinks its fair to pick up the tab, and is totally willing to. Although I don't think she's be too upset if he didn't let her, she's happy to pay for this one.

After that, I think its kind of up to the guy to offer to pay, but she'll pick up some too. We both agreed that its a big turn on when a guy pays a lot of the time, but she put it well when she said, "guys our age either can't pay all the time or have rich daddies."

I think that about sums it up.... that's actually a pretty good method. I think I'm gonna try that next time there's a new somebody to try it with. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Old News... New Reminders

If you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm sort of ballsy.

Around 6 months ago, right around the time I was moving here, I posted a craigslist ad somewhere along the lines of, "woe is me, I'm new here and don't know anyone, I am a hot modern day damsel in distress, can a cute boy please come rescue me from a lonely life to show me around and then make out after?" .... Basically. In so many words.

As usual, I got about 50 responses an hour (little tip: if you really want a LOT of responses, just post a picture), most of which were the usual, ridiculous, sad, and unbelievables that tend to haunt craigslist in the wee hours of the morning. I got one that perked up my little online dating senses, although I will tell you with the utmost honesty that I would never date anyone with the premise that they would pay me to do so. Unless I would want to date them regardless. And I don't know if I could actually take money from someone anyway... that's a world I don't think I could cross into, ever. Still, intriguing. Curiousity killed the cat.

... It went something like this:

Him: I'm a Mediterranean venture capitalist with stakes in oil and real estate. I also have strong ties to the entertainment industry. Does 8k a month sound like a reasonable allowance?
Me: Hmm...
Him: What are you hmm-ing about? Sam N*********, look up the name.
Me: did.... so you've produced some movies, you've got some clubs, restaurants, hotels, you're on the younger side of the spectrum, fun, business minded, and living in j.lo's old pad.... explain to me why you are on craigslist? thats my only question. :)
Him: I'm tired of dating within the Hollywood circle. Simple as that. If you're really interested, write back with your number and we'll go from there.
Me: Yeah I can understand that. I bet you've got a bunch of interesting stories, you'll have to tell me some. :) My number is ***-***-****, guess I'll talk to you soon? I'll be busy for most of the night tonight and working all day tomorrow so if you call and I don't answer leave a message so I know who it was.

(A week goes by... nothing.)

Me: How 'bout this.... call me if YOU'RE for real.
Him: I did call. You didn't answer.
Me: Try again. Leave me a message if I don't answer so I know who called.
Him: I called again today, no answer.
Me: Sorry about that. I don't always answer calls if I don't recognize the number, so if you leave me a message I'll call you back, or if you want to give me yours so I know its you when you're calling you can do that too.

(End scene.)

So basically that was it for our dry email exchange. Though the idea of dating the guy responsible for some of the hottest clubs in Hollywood and some of the nicest and trendiest hotels and restaurants in the country is fascinating and tempting, I'm not one to chase someone all over the place. I forgot all about him......


I'm driving to meet up with my friend for Maki Monday (which rules by the way), and for whatever reason all my favorite radio stations are playing crap music. So... coincidentally enough, I decide to turn on Indie 103.1, which I NEVER listen to, to find that the DJ is interviewing the proprietor of Bolthouse Entertainment.

I am too amazed and shocked to really hear what they're saying, but I keep hearing this and that about this guy, THE GUY, I was emailing some months back. They start a friendly banter about the most recent parties, and music, and whatever other bullshit they were discussing, while I'm scrambling to dial 411 to get the number for this radio station.

411 connects, "Los Angeles, CA please" (I'm so distracted trying to listen and talk at the same time), "Indie 103.1 please? No that's Indie with an 'i-e' not a 'y,' yes that's right, thank you," I'm connected, the phone is ringing.... what the HELL am I going to say to this guy??

The DJ answers as if I just called his cell phone.
"Ya, hello?"
"Is this Indie?"
"Yeah... wuddup."
"Um.... is Sam there?"
"Hang on a second."

I hear him in the background getting Sam on the line. My heart is racing. I have NO IDEA how to even start this conversation. Does he want to try calling me again? Does he remember emailing me off of Craigslist? Will I sound like a stalker nut-job?

"Hi... Sam?"
"Yeah, who's asking?"
"My name's B*******..... um.... well I met you about 6 months ago, and we exchanged a bunch of emails.... we sort of lost touch, I 'd.... like to be in touch again..."
(There's some awkward silence.)
"Well... why did we lose touch?"
"I'm not sure.. we just sort of stopped writing."
"Yeah... to be honest this isn't Sam... He's not actually here in the studio. This is Brent.... B********."
"Oh... ok well, can you maybe give Sam my email address?" (More silence) "....Or phone number or something?"
"Here's what you should do.... here's my myspace, its backslash ______ ________, go on there, email me your phone number or email or whatever, I'll give it to him, and he can do what he wants with it. Fair?"
"Sure..... Thank you."

Strangest interaction of my life.
But... lo and behold, I did find him, I did email him, and hopefully my number did make it back there. And if not to Sam, maybe Brent. :) Truth be told, he's kind of my type. (See photo insert, but try to ignore the girl with the orange arm and the MJ nosejob.) I almost see a little Adam Brody in him... except a little more geeky hipster chic. So hot right now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

To Bro or not to Bro?

Remember a few days ago, when I told you about that bro that posted on craigslist?

Originally, I said, "Are you for real?" (There's no way, bros don't care about substance.) To which he replied, "of course."

That's where it got weird.

Me: Interesting... what city are you in?
Him: I live in Newport. I work in marketing. What about you? Any more pics?
Me: I live in Aliso Viejo. I'm 23 and a makeup artist. I have lots more, do you? (Attached 3 pics)
Him: Here are a few. (I kid you not.)
Me: what you say in your post and the pictures you send are pretty
inconsistent.... if you're looking for something "lasting" and "with
substance," may i see something other than your naked chest? do you
have a face?
Him: Ya ok

Me: Alright, I guess you're legit. What do you do for fun?
Him: lol.. do you have a myspace?
Me: yeah,, its private you have to add me.
Him: Just added.
Me: You sure? What's your name? (I had two adds, neither of which looked ANYTHING like the pictures above.)
Him: Casey. (Very much in my friend request folder, and very much NOT the guy above.)
Me: Yeah... Are you kidding? 1996 called, they want its sending fake pictures over the internet back.
Him: Well it is Craigslist.
Me: Then why POST on Craigslist in the first place?? I sent you real pictures, are you saying I shouldn't have? As it turns out your real pictures would have made me want to talk to you far more than those lame ass fake ones. I thought you were a bro.
Him: A bro?

At this point I just stopped writing back, I think I got busy, or at least too busy to continue such a pointless exchange. I later tried to find his page again so that I would be able to link to it for this blog, only to find that he'd deleted me. Serious.

Me: Interesting.... I can't seem to find you on my myspace friends list.
Him: Ya, well I don't know what a "bro" is, but I don't think I like it.


And the search for a non-WEIRDO continues.

Ironically, he was actually cute.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bro? Party of one?

I can't say I'm exactly the type of girl who goes for the bro look. Actually, not at all. Especially because the term "bro" is usually interchangeable with prick, douchebag, asshole, and scumsucker. In my experience, bros have 0% personality matched with an overactive libido and an elevated level of testosterone. When mixed with bad taste in clothing, music, and vehicles, these guys don't typically rev my engine.

Plus, I can't say I've ever met a bro who was actually looking for a girl "of substance." Bros are well matched with "bro-hoes" (like the OC Blonde Mafia, or the 909-er to the left) who actually make their bro counterparts look intelligent and classy. Bros go for these girls because they make them feel like more of a man, and because they don't take much... well... effort.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that cruising OC Craigslist today, as I sometimes do, I found a bro. While this is no surprise, his posting was. Normally it would say something along the lines of "Any girls out there want to get crunk tonight? Holla!" Followed by 5 shirtless pictures where he is obviously flexing his 'roid-pumped 6-pack, taken somewhere like Glamis or "the river."

Somehow, though (despite the shirtless pictures... dead bro giveaway) this posting was nothing like that. I thought I'd give him props by posting it, and highlighted the most surprising parts.

Since your browser may not give proper resolution to the image, I'll help you out:

  • He's looking for something "successful and lasting"
  • He is definitely "not one of those guys that feels inferior around girls who are smarter" than him
  • He wants someone who is "witty, sarcastic" and has "a great sense of humor" (redundant, but I'm throwing him a bone because its hard to find a guy who appreciates a sarcastic sense of humor in a girl, I've found)
  • He "does not do well with ditsy, materialistic fake girls" (so then, you're saying you're not into these?)
Hmm..... truth be told, I actually responded to it, just to see if I hallucinated or not. Yeah, my response was literally, "are you for real?" So far he's written back, "of course." We'll see. I'll be sure to post the results. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I can’t believe I’ve been so blind.

Let’s review the sitch. I meet this great guy. He’s totally hot, definitely stylish, has the best sense of fashion ever, fantastic dancer, outgoing personality, good morals, funny, always up for going out, all my friends love him, even my gay friends….

Wait, hang on. What?? Yeah. YEAH. He’s freaking gay!

Hello?! How did I not notice this before? Am I really that oblivious?

Of COURSE he chose gay clubs when we went out. Of COURSE he hasn’t kissed me after TWO freaking weeks of sleeping practically naked only inches from me. I feel like such an idiot for not realizing this before. Ah!

It isn’t like he’s come out and said it to me, but he really doesn’t need to. It’s pretty obvious. Oh well…. Let’s be honest, I’ve never been one to turn down a gay friend. You can never have too many if you ask me! And at least I have a super fun new shopping/dancing partner right?

In other news, I signed up a few days ago for speed-dating for tonight, I can’t wait. I wonder what I should wear??

Monday, November 12, 2007

A week without an inch?

So a little update on Nick D…. it’s been an interesting week. We’ve spent so much time together lately; we’ve driven down the coast to have dinner, gone to movies, gone dancing (many, many times), gone shopping, and he’s spent the night at my house literally every night with the exception of one, and only because he had to go to chapel in the morning (his college is extremely Christian… its actually required every day but he finds ways to get out of it).

And every single night it’s the same thing. He comes over, we watch TV on my bed for awhile, somehow end up getting into a super sexually-charged tickling match, eventually decide its time to go to sleep, strip down to underwear and get into bed-- where we sleep facing each other, arms and legs entangled, with our faces about 2 inches from each other. AND HE STILL HASN’T KISSED ME.

I even started making little comments about it… apparently I’m not bold enough to just kiss him myself, but I keep trying to hint about it. He finally said something last night to the effect of “I don’t want to rush things,” because it’s great how it is and he doesn’t want to ruin it by moving too fast. Too fast?? Are you kidding me?

I guess I should expect this from a guy going to pretty much the most uber-Christian school in the country right? But still.

It’s almost a little charming. Almost. But really its just frustrating and weird.

Adam Brody would never be like this.

In other news... my roommate went to a Speed Dating event a few nights ago and I am SO intrigued.... we all know how much I enjoy dating, and having 10 dates in an hour, or whatever it is, sounds like it'd be right up my alley. I signed up for one for next week, though it's kind of weird but they do some kind of a screening process, and don't tell you the location of the event until right before it starts. Sketch!

... I'm not sure it's going to help me to meet a reasonably normal guy, but worse comes to worst at least I'll have something fun to write about. :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

All the cool blogs are doing it.

Technorati Profile

Hot cookie!

So tired…. I went out again last night with Nick D. (my favorite Adam Brody impersonator) He wanted to go dancing, which is of course one of my top three favorite activities of all time (second only to flirting and sleeping) so I was more than happy to go.

The interesting thing, though, was that of all the clubs we could have chosen, he happened to choose the one that just so happened to be hosting gay night last night. And although I am a big fan of the gay boys (many, many of them are my good friends), it was a bit of a surprise that a guy, who I so happened to be on a date with, would want to go dance with a bunch of them.

I couldn’t help myself and had to ask why he would choose this club out of all the choices, and was even more surprised when he had known ahead of time it was gay night. What?? He said that he likes it the best because everyone actually dances, and there aren’t just a bunch of awkward wallflowers nursing their drinks all over the place. And that he likes the energy. And the music.

I guess I can settle with that answer… right? He’s so hot. And he loves to dance. Although his dancing style is sort of… hard to vibe with (doing the robot, the moodwalk, and the worm don’t exactly leave a lot of room for a partner) he’s a lot of fun and always willing to go out.

So we danced into the wee hours of the night, during which he got hit on more than a few times by sexy gay boys, and the girls who “go to gay night to get away from the pressure of going out to meet someone,” (why you hitting on my date then, ladies?) but at the same time was a good reminder of the fact that I was out with a definite Hottie McFly. After working up quite a sweat (him more than myself, since a lowcut tank isn’t quite as hot as layered T’s) we stopped at this awesome 24-hour diner on the way home and shared cheese fries.

I had a really good time. I’m not going to lie. But it did feel more like two friends hanging out than being on a second date with someone I’m really attracted to, physically at least. So I was kind of shocked when we got back to my house around 3am and he wanted to stay over. Hey, I wasn’t gonna argue! The weird part was when we undressed (down to underwear… don’t get any ideas), got in bed, and got all snuggled up… but somehow our first kiss never came.

Is it just me, or is it kind of bizarre when a good-looking 24 year old guy can sleep within inches of the face of a 23 year old cute girl, wearing nothing but underwear all night, arms and legs wrapped completely around each other, and never kisses her??


Sunday, November 4, 2007

We look good together, no?

I’m sure most of you have seen The OC right? I mean I think it’s cancelled now, but 90% of the people I know used to watch it religiously…. Anyway, my point is, remember Seth Cohen? Played by Adam Brody? Drool…

Well basically he is the guy of my dreams. I don’t know what it is about him (well, besides the fact that I’m painfully attracted to him)… I like the fact that he’s nerdy but totally charming in his own way, and doesn’t really make any excuses for being such a dork. I’ve been swooning over Seth/Adam (I like to believe he’s actually like that in real life, totally unlikely but a girl can dream) ever since I started watching the show a few years ago. I realize that he’s sort of out of my league, considering I’m not a fellow celebrity and have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never meet him. (Sidenote: if you have any way of making this happen I will be forever in your debt)

Somehow, though, my most recent posting on Craigslist produced his identical twin. I’m in total disbelief.

I got the usual absolutely awful, nonrelevant responses, and out of all the unattractive 56 year old married men looking for “yoga partners,” I got one from this guy, Nick D. He’s 24, a student at a super prestigious private school about 20 minutes from my house, and is without a doubt a mirror image of Seth Cohen… big brown eyes, curly brown hair, hot clothing style, great taste in Indie rock… could I ask for more?

Well yes… I can’t say our first date was all I had dreamed it would be, but it was nice. His idea was breakfast and I actually agreed to waking up early (crazy). He looked really hot in a white hoodie, sexy jeans, converse, and a burberry scarf. He’s definitely stylish. We made small talk over omelets and I can’t say that we had all that much chemistry at that point, and I was pretty unimpressed when they bill came and he accepted my offer to pay for half. I never want to assume someone’s paying on the first date because I don’t want to seem presumptuous, but going dutch is such a turn off if you ask me. But nobody’s perfect right? Then we went downtown and did some window shopping and he seemed to loosen up a lot, and I actually started to think we were making a connection. We ended up finding the most ridiculously Euro-trash style shades, getting matching pairs, and walking around in them looking pretty hot if I do say so myself.

Then he drove me to work, met my co-workers (who were totally impressed), and said he wants to hang out again…. Guess we’ll see what happens!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hi! Thanks for stumbling upon my blog.

I’m your average 23 year old girl living in Southern California. I like going to the beach, shopping, eating sushi, reading celebrity gossip magazines… and all that other nonsense girls my age tend to do with their time. I’m really outgoing and love to go out because I tend to meet people wherever I go. I love to people watch and analyze body language, and I’m probably the biggest flirt that I know.

I do have this one kind of embarrassing habit though…

Before I get into that, the backstory is that I’ve always been a little boycrazy. Well maybe a bit more than a little. From the time I was in 3rd grade, I’ve always had some major, all-consuming crush on some shy, unassuming boy. What started with running around the blacktop trying to kick Timmy Slevin (a not-so-stealthy attempt to get his attention) has blossomed over the past 15 years into what some might consider a total addiction to the entire male population. But I like to think it could be worse.

When it comes down to it though, what I’m really addicted to is dating.

I wasn’t always like this. I had a few serious boyfriends between my high school and college years. Nothing really serious ever evolved out of them… until one day when I met the boy of my dreams (I thought) and fell head over heels in love with him.

Two years later, after 24 straight months of the I-feel-like-I’m-floating-on-a-cloud kind of love, he dumped me. There are no words to express how upside down my life felt. He’d gone to the trouble of detailing romantic ideas about how we were going to get engaged in a year, married in two, settle down, start our family, and live happily ever after… he loved to talk about it, and I loved just as much to listen to it. I fell for every word and really believed that I’d found the love of my life.

As it turned out, he was lying out of his ass (as men often do…. Sorry guys, but its just statistics) and I was left in a crumpled pile of damp tissues and self pity. And it changed me.

Somehow, that event has led me to believe that there really is a Prince Charming out there somewhere, that is sitting on his white horse waiting patiently for me to find him so we can ride off into the sunset.

Here’s where that habit comes in: I’ve become kind of a serial dater.

My friends would all tell you that I date way more than any one person should. Because I’ve developed this constant need for a steady flow of dates, I’ve broadened my horizons on where to find them. Many of my dates come from posting personals ads online (gotta love, some come from work, others are mutual friends, a few even come from the grocery store. Whatever it is that happened on that painful July afternoon last year has given me some heart-shaped glasses and 20/20 vision… and my eyes are always open.

I realized eventually, after spending countless hours on the phone recounting the details of my dates (and very often, disasters) to my ever-so-patient friends, I needed to start documenting this stuff. Who knows… maybe someone out there can learn from my mistakes (and victories… if I ever have one).

So here goes. I’ll try to give even the juiciest details, though to protect the innocent, I will never use full names (sorry Timmy Slevin… oops that’s twice!). But other than that, I’ll give you as much info as I can muster.

Feel free to comment and share your opinions, I know you got ‘em.

Stay tuned… there’s plenty to come!


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