Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bro? Party of one?

I can't say I'm exactly the type of girl who goes for the bro look. Actually, not at all. Especially because the term "bro" is usually interchangeable with prick, douchebag, asshole, and scumsucker. In my experience, bros have 0% personality matched with an overactive libido and an elevated level of testosterone. When mixed with bad taste in clothing, music, and vehicles, these guys don't typically rev my engine.

Plus, I can't say I've ever met a bro who was actually looking for a girl "of substance." Bros are well matched with "bro-hoes" (like the OC Blonde Mafia, or the 909-er to the left) who actually make their bro counterparts look intelligent and classy. Bros go for these girls because they make them feel like more of a man, and because they don't take much... well... effort.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that cruising OC Craigslist today, as I sometimes do, I found a bro. While this is no surprise, his posting was. Normally it would say something along the lines of "Any girls out there want to get crunk tonight? Holla!" Followed by 5 shirtless pictures where he is obviously flexing his 'roid-pumped 6-pack, taken somewhere like Glamis or "the river."

Somehow, though (despite the shirtless pictures... dead bro giveaway) this posting was nothing like that. I thought I'd give him props by posting it, and highlighted the most surprising parts.

Since your browser may not give proper resolution to the image, I'll help you out:

  • He's looking for something "successful and lasting"
  • He is definitely "not one of those guys that feels inferior around girls who are smarter" than him
  • He wants someone who is "witty, sarcastic" and has "a great sense of humor" (redundant, but I'm throwing him a bone because its hard to find a guy who appreciates a sarcastic sense of humor in a girl, I've found)
  • He "does not do well with ditsy, materialistic fake girls" (so then, you're saying you're not into these?)
Hmm..... truth be told, I actually responded to it, just to see if I hallucinated or not. Yeah, my response was literally, "are you for real?" So far he's written back, "of course." We'll see. I'll be sure to post the results. :)

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