Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rich guys and Kelly Clarkson.

One of my favorite ways to spend a day off is to sit at home at the dining room table with my roommate. I think it's one of those "you'd have to be there" things, but we sit around on our laptops, watching tv and iming each other links to funny things.

Today was no exception. We've spent many a day off (and some evenings into the wee early hours of the morning when bottles of wine are involved) signing up for dating sights, only to find that the others enrolled are some of the most unattractive and socially-stunted people possible... unless you're into bottom feeder types. We basically spend most of this time sending each other links to the worst profiles we can find.

So we're sitting there, with Tila Tequila on in the background (why does she get a Shot of Love? She's a hoebag in the body of an 11 year old Asian girl) and my roommate somehow stumbles upon a website called "Millionaire Match."

Now, boys and girls, before you get your lacy underthings in a bunch, I wouldn't date someone just because they were rolling in dough. However, I am human. And I'm a girl. And I'm 23. And there is definitely some allure to dating some wealthy, handsome entrepreneur who wants to sweep me off my feet in his Maserati and whisk me away to Monaco. I'm just saying.

So of course, we did as we usually do, and signed the hell up for this thing.

Now, just like you I'm sure, I was expecting to find nothing but old, unattractive, married pervs who were looking for a "sugar baby" or whatever other sickening name you might use to describe a girlfriend who you pay to love you. But what I found completely shocked me.

I can't tell you how many especially good looking, positive, funny, intelligent, very wealthy, and NEARBY guys are on this thing! It's unbelievable. So we start browsing through these profiles and find MORE than enough guys to decide that this website is right up our alley.

I've found around 10 totally stellar guys who I "winked" at.... the website only allows you to initiate email conversations if you are a "premium" member (and I make it a policy to NEVER pay for an online dating website, that's just a whole new level), and a few of them have already emailed back. A male underwear model, a hot Persian Fashion mogul, an adorable blue eyed Psychiatrist working at the UCLA medical center... I could go on. And they're all under 32!

Pinch me?

All the while, we're listening (/belting) to Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent." Oh the irony.

Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance, mmmm

Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, no

Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never let a man help her off her throne

So, by keeping her heart protected
She'll never, ever feel rejected
Little miss apprehensive
Said ooh, she fell in love

What is this feeling taking over?
Thinking no one could open the door
Surprise, it's time, to feel what's real
What happened to miss independent's no longer need to be defensive?
Goodbye, old you, when love, is true

(Verse 2)
Misguided heart
Miss play it smart
Miss if you wanna use that line, you better not start, no

But she miscalculated
She didn't wanna end up jaded
And this miss decided not to miss out on true love

So, by changing a misconception
She went in a new direction
And found inside, she felt a connection
She fell in love

When miss independent walked away
No time for love that came her way
She looked in the mirror and thought today
What happened to miss no longer afraid?
It took some time for her to see
How beautiful love could truly be
No more talk of why can't that be me
I'm so glad I've finally seen

P.S. I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been spreading the word about my blog.... I went from around 7 hits a day to 97 already today! You guys are awesome, I really appreciate it. Muah muah muah!

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Anonymous said...


As a guy, I've tried those sites (not sights) and have seen what can become of them. Heck, I can spend 10k for a dating consultant. When you make that much money, you do need to do background checks, you need to peek and pry.

I don't really care anymore. I made my money a long time ago, and I'd be happy being by myself. I've met the best of the best, walked in circles, been to parties. But the people you meet in such things are so superficial...

All you really need to do is wonder if...

What if they lost it all? If you come from money that's all you will know.

Then you'll see who they really are. I've lost, I've won. It doesn't matter to me. I've eaten the best and have a credit card that doesn't send bills. I've scraped and eaten beans for a month out of a mug I could heat over a flame.

I was always happy. Life is an adventure, I won't be here any longer than you so I'm willing to do whatever. You really meet the weirdest people on those sites... and there is no guarantee of security finance-wise.

Hope you find your mate, but don't look in the wrong places.

Mindy said...

Checking this site out right now...


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