Friday, November 16, 2007

To Bro or not to Bro?

Remember a few days ago, when I told you about that bro that posted on craigslist?

Originally, I said, "Are you for real?" (There's no way, bros don't care about substance.) To which he replied, "of course."

That's where it got weird.

Me: Interesting... what city are you in?
Him: I live in Newport. I work in marketing. What about you? Any more pics?
Me: I live in Aliso Viejo. I'm 23 and a makeup artist. I have lots more, do you? (Attached 3 pics)
Him: Here are a few. (I kid you not.)
Me: what you say in your post and the pictures you send are pretty
inconsistent.... if you're looking for something "lasting" and "with
substance," may i see something other than your naked chest? do you
have a face?
Him: Ya ok

Me: Alright, I guess you're legit. What do you do for fun?
Him: lol.. do you have a myspace?
Me: yeah,, its private you have to add me.
Him: Just added.
Me: You sure? What's your name? (I had two adds, neither of which looked ANYTHING like the pictures above.)
Him: Casey. (Very much in my friend request folder, and very much NOT the guy above.)
Me: Yeah... Are you kidding? 1996 called, they want its sending fake pictures over the internet back.
Him: Well it is Craigslist.
Me: Then why POST on Craigslist in the first place?? I sent you real pictures, are you saying I shouldn't have? As it turns out your real pictures would have made me want to talk to you far more than those lame ass fake ones. I thought you were a bro.
Him: A bro?

At this point I just stopped writing back, I think I got busy, or at least too busy to continue such a pointless exchange. I later tried to find his page again so that I would be able to link to it for this blog, only to find that he'd deleted me. Serious.

Me: Interesting.... I can't seem to find you on my myspace friends list.
Him: Ya, well I don't know what a "bro" is, but I don't think I like it.


And the search for a non-WEIRDO continues.

Ironically, he was actually cute.

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