Monday, November 19, 2007

Old News... New Reminders

If you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm sort of ballsy.

Around 6 months ago, right around the time I was moving here, I posted a craigslist ad somewhere along the lines of, "woe is me, I'm new here and don't know anyone, I am a hot modern day damsel in distress, can a cute boy please come rescue me from a lonely life to show me around and then make out after?" .... Basically. In so many words.

As usual, I got about 50 responses an hour (little tip: if you really want a LOT of responses, just post a picture), most of which were the usual, ridiculous, sad, and unbelievables that tend to haunt craigslist in the wee hours of the morning. I got one that perked up my little online dating senses, although I will tell you with the utmost honesty that I would never date anyone with the premise that they would pay me to do so. Unless I would want to date them regardless. And I don't know if I could actually take money from someone anyway... that's a world I don't think I could cross into, ever. Still, intriguing. Curiousity killed the cat.

... It went something like this:

Him: I'm a Mediterranean venture capitalist with stakes in oil and real estate. I also have strong ties to the entertainment industry. Does 8k a month sound like a reasonable allowance?
Me: Hmm...
Him: What are you hmm-ing about? Sam N*********, look up the name.
Me: did.... so you've produced some movies, you've got some clubs, restaurants, hotels, you're on the younger side of the spectrum, fun, business minded, and living in j.lo's old pad.... explain to me why you are on craigslist? thats my only question. :)
Him: I'm tired of dating within the Hollywood circle. Simple as that. If you're really interested, write back with your number and we'll go from there.
Me: Yeah I can understand that. I bet you've got a bunch of interesting stories, you'll have to tell me some. :) My number is ***-***-****, guess I'll talk to you soon? I'll be busy for most of the night tonight and working all day tomorrow so if you call and I don't answer leave a message so I know who it was.

(A week goes by... nothing.)

Me: How 'bout this.... call me if YOU'RE for real.
Him: I did call. You didn't answer.
Me: Try again. Leave me a message if I don't answer so I know who called.
Him: I called again today, no answer.
Me: Sorry about that. I don't always answer calls if I don't recognize the number, so if you leave me a message I'll call you back, or if you want to give me yours so I know its you when you're calling you can do that too.

(End scene.)

So basically that was it for our dry email exchange. Though the idea of dating the guy responsible for some of the hottest clubs in Hollywood and some of the nicest and trendiest hotels and restaurants in the country is fascinating and tempting, I'm not one to chase someone all over the place. I forgot all about him......


I'm driving to meet up with my friend for Maki Monday (which rules by the way), and for whatever reason all my favorite radio stations are playing crap music. So... coincidentally enough, I decide to turn on Indie 103.1, which I NEVER listen to, to find that the DJ is interviewing the proprietor of Bolthouse Entertainment.

I am too amazed and shocked to really hear what they're saying, but I keep hearing this and that about this guy, THE GUY, I was emailing some months back. They start a friendly banter about the most recent parties, and music, and whatever other bullshit they were discussing, while I'm scrambling to dial 411 to get the number for this radio station.

411 connects, "Los Angeles, CA please" (I'm so distracted trying to listen and talk at the same time), "Indie 103.1 please? No that's Indie with an 'i-e' not a 'y,' yes that's right, thank you," I'm connected, the phone is ringing.... what the HELL am I going to say to this guy??

The DJ answers as if I just called his cell phone.
"Ya, hello?"
"Is this Indie?"
"Yeah... wuddup."
"Um.... is Sam there?"
"Hang on a second."

I hear him in the background getting Sam on the line. My heart is racing. I have NO IDEA how to even start this conversation. Does he want to try calling me again? Does he remember emailing me off of Craigslist? Will I sound like a stalker nut-job?

"Hi... Sam?"
"Yeah, who's asking?"
"My name's B*******..... um.... well I met you about 6 months ago, and we exchanged a bunch of emails.... we sort of lost touch, I 'd.... like to be in touch again..."
(There's some awkward silence.)
"Well... why did we lose touch?"
"I'm not sure.. we just sort of stopped writing."
"Yeah... to be honest this isn't Sam... He's not actually here in the studio. This is Brent.... B********."
"Oh... ok well, can you maybe give Sam my email address?" (More silence) "....Or phone number or something?"
"Here's what you should do.... here's my myspace, its backslash ______ ________, go on there, email me your phone number or email or whatever, I'll give it to him, and he can do what he wants with it. Fair?"
"Sure..... Thank you."

Strangest interaction of my life.
But... lo and behold, I did find him, I did email him, and hopefully my number did make it back there. And if not to Sam, maybe Brent. :) Truth be told, he's kind of my type. (See photo insert, but try to ignore the girl with the orange arm and the MJ nosejob.) I almost see a little Adam Brody in him... except a little more geeky hipster chic. So hot right now.

2 people had something to say:

Anonymous said...

maybe you're a dyke?

you must think you're the shit since you try to describe all possible loser traits in men. Hmmm...

it'd be easy for me to post all the nasty, stupid shit, and easily exploited traits I've seen and discovered in girls. But that would just make me a bitter loser. Sound familiar?

Maybe it's you who's the douchebag bro, you're the one attracting these losers. You're judgement might be impaired by those big hairy balls you try to hide.

Get a life, then you might get a real man.

The Girl in the Mirror said...

wow, it takes even bigger, hairier balls than mine to anonymously slam someone over the internet!



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