Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hiding more than eggs

Easter 2008: Officially SUCKS. Betrayed and bombed off cheap champagne.

Erwin and I have spent most of the past week together, completely falling for each other, and it's been as great as I had thought it would be. He's taken me out with his work friends, we've spent the night at each others' house, and he's been nothing but a gentleman. I told him originally that I'm kind of a prude when it comes to hooking up with someone I'm not in a relationship with, and he's been nothing but supportive than that. We even told each other we should wait until May before we start messing around, because as he says, that way we can build a strong meaningful relationship before we introduce sex into it, according to a book he read. Normally charming, but as it turns out, its quite the opposite.

He has a girlfriend.

And no, I didn't see it coming. I didn't see any signs. He came over this morning for the Easter brunch that I had spent all morning cooking; wanting to impress him with my cooking skills and do something special for him. He showed up acting distant (totally out of character) and sat around while I served it, hardly speaking. Every couple minutes he would receive a text that he would respond to immediately, despite the fact that he usually doesn't even bring his phone with him. I didn't really think anything of it until he started getting a bunch of phone calls that he was ignoring.

Finally, while I sat there eating my omelet, he said he had to grab something out of his car and was gone for a good 10 minutes before I walked out the front door and saw him sitting against his car, telling someone he loved them. I guess he didn't hear me come out, because the conversation didn't cease. "Yes, baby, I wish I could spend it with you too. I know. You know how my family is though. Oh and my Grandma sends her love. Ok baby, I'll tell her." I stood, stunned and unsure what to do. My heart pounded and I got up the strength to move, I swung around, ran in the house, and slammed and locked the door. I stood there, shaking, furious, feeling like a complete idiot, while he yelled through the door that he could explain.

I told him to fuck off; that there wasn't anything to explain. After a minute or two of this, there was silence. "You're right. Can we talk about this?.... Come on. Let me in." I'm a pushover.

He walked in. He didn't make eye contact with me. He said he was sorry, and that he knew he was an asshole. I didn't have any response. He pushed past me, grabbed his car keys and wallet and another strawberry, and walked out.

So I spent the last 2 hours sitting here, drinking the 3 bottles of champagne I bought for mimosas (straight out of the bottle, and let me tell you, Cook's is not meant to be consumed without juice in it; and yes I am drunk and yes it took me a long time to write this in a readable way) and calling all my friends, telling them how the guy we all finally thought was good for me is more of an asshole than any of the other douches I've been hanging out with.

I would rather have sat suffocating in a creep-ass Easter Bunny costume hugging kids in the mall than spending the day feeling humiliated like this.

What a fantastic fucking Easter. Onto the next one. Cheers!

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Neil said...

Wow, that totally blows! Sometime this week I will have a beer in honor of this crappy situation.

In what right mind does someone decided think that its ok to act like this when that person has a significant other. People that toy around or are careless with people's emotions sicken me.

Please feel better!

dater xtina said...

OMG! what a total douchebag!!! i am so sorry that things turned out that way. no one should have to feel humiliated like that. HUGS!

i hope you feel better.

Vanessa said...

I can't believe it! What an effin asshole! At least you haven't wasted too much time on him. I hope you're ok.

MastaX said...

I don't know him or you for nothing, but man guys like this really giving decent men a bad name out there. What a tool. Delete the number and move on! Try again!

Anonymous said...

That's why you don't meet people in bars. Or online. But really, you knew something was up, you go on like what, 21 dates a week??? How could you not see???

Cara Hurley said...

At least he reads books.

Cheer up, you had a lucky escape. Chalk this one up to experience and move on. There are better men out there.

Anonymous said...

But she can't find a better man, because if she did, she'd be out of stories. It's not about the white picket fence at the end of the rainbow, it's about the trail of bodies along the way.

Matthew SanGabriel said...

At least he knew better than to sleep with 2 girls at once. That is not good for business...

Grof said...
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Benedict Smith said...

more guys pull this off than you would otherwise suspect. i dated two girls for a year at the same time before getting caught....i'm sorry that you got caught in the middle.


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