Monday, March 17, 2008

Geeks of the World..... Unite!

Ok, maybe that's a bit vague. Let's stick with Geeks in the LA area.

I will be attending the monthly Geek Dinner at Canter's Deli tomorrow, to mix and mingle with LA's finest computer nerds and internet aficionados. So if any of you other awesome bloggers out there plan on attending, let me know!

And on the note of being nerdily into the interent... exciting news for today! A Date In The Life... is now has its own, independent, even more awesome domain name! I'll admit it. I get pretty excited about this stuff.

And of course.... Happy St. Patty's Day. Please have fun and be SAFE!

And yes, I really am.

In my usual fashion, I will be celebrating this joyous holiday on a date (drinking a few too many free green beer and Irish Carbombs) with a guy named Coors, a marketing professional from OKCupid who turns out to live about 200 feet from me. What are the chances? Eh. We'll see. Not to say there aren't people I'd rather be spending it with.

2 people had something to say:

Cara Hurley said...

I keep bumping into lovely Irish people lately, apart from the one I live with. Harummph!


kristen said...

good thing you didnt waste your time on coors from okcupid... i did and turned out to be an typical oc douche bag...why am i even suprised?


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