Friday, February 15, 2008

He likes me a LATTE too!

Omg. GREAT news.

So I guess the Foxista wasn't working until today, so when he got to work at 5:30pm and was handed a pink takeout box with his name on it he was a bit surprised.

5:36pm: I get a phone call from a number I don't know, so I don't answer. I get a voicemail from him, telling me how cute the puzzle was and how "stoked" he is, and how he's working and really wants me to come by.

5:40pm: I'm totally surprised and not sure how to respond so I call all my friends to tell them the message word for word and they are all about as excited as I am.

6:10pm: I get a text from him, telling me how stoked he is, and he thanks me again for the puzzle, telling me I made his night. I ask him what time he gets off.

6:20-8:00pm: We write back and forth every few minutes, and he keeps telling me to come by the store. He tells me how awesome that was, and how much he loved it, and that I'm beautiful. (aww)

8:15pm: I walk into Starbucks and his coworker goes to get him from the back. He has a huge smile on his face. He makes me my favorite drink and doesn't charge me for it; his Valentine's present to me. He tells me how good it made him feel again, and how awesome and beautiful I am (I could really get used to that, let me tell ya) and that he was all bummed because he didn't think I was going to come in. I basically blushed hardcore through the entire visit and felt beyond shy, but hopefully it didn't show too bad. Then he said (which I thought was really weird) that he was working the next night so I should come in (doesn't he want to hang out outside of Starbucks maybe?) and I say I'm working too. He asks if he can text me later. Duh.

9:00pm: I ask him what he's doing after work. He says nothing. I ask if he wants to hang out. He says he'd love to and that he misses me already. (For reals?)

So now I sit here, (im)patiently waiting for him to get off of work so we can go get a drink, which I think is totally necessary to make sure I'm not a nervous wreck the whole time.

Ahh!!! Wish me luck!

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