Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Curiousity killed the cat.

The time has come, boys and girls. The Disclaimer

Here's the deal. I go on a lot of dates. I'm totally boy-crazy. I meet a lot of interesting guys and have some pretty crazy, noteworthy experiences that seem to entertain the people that read this.
Granted, in order to write this, I have to write about these people. And in order to give you the full, nitty-gritty story, I have to be as blunt as I can.

As much of an effort as I make to be sure that I keep this anonymous and totally separate from the people that I am dating, apparently there is still a little leak. So here goes.

I don't show guys this blog because I AM PROBABLY GOING TO WRITE ABOUT THEM. I don't want to sensor what I say or think about a person or a situation because I'm thinking they're going to see it. I use this space to VENT, to UNLOAD, and to SPEAK MY MIND, completely unadulterated and without restriction.

There is an obvious reason you (the general you, as well as the you that clearly went to a lot of trouble to find this) were not invited to read this. I am not a cruel person. I like to think that I have a good heart and I treat people with the respect that I expect in return. I would never say the things that I say here (in an anonymous, personal forum) to someone's face.


And even on top of that, if you and I are no longer seeing or speaking to each other (or at least, I am no longer responding to your text messages, especially those I receive at 4 in the morning, after I have clearly expressed I don't wish to be in contact with you again), and you decide that you want to spend X amount of time researching and googling and scouring the internet trying to find my blog, I DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR WHAT YOU FIND. This was your time spent and your decision to read something you were clearly asked not to.

And that's that! That is all I have to say. If feelings get hurt, that is unfortunate, but you have no one to blame but yourself.

And on a sidenote:
Saying "go fuck yourself" in a text message about said
findings is foolish and only embarrassing for you because
A. you make it really obvious that you are as young in character as you are in age, and
B. I already do, sans your invitation or permission, thank you very much.

If you've come across this blog, it's your own damned fault for looking for it.

2 people had something to say:

dater xtina said...

Dang girl! Sorry to hear that some lame guy you wrote about found your blog. I totally understand what you mean about wanting to vent and be anonymous.

Do you tell people that you have a blog? I have told some of my friends and also guys that I have dated about it. But I think it may be a bad idea. Now people are concerned that I will write about them or something. They get so defensive about the thought of what others think about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Text message at 4am...how romantic!


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