Monday, January 21, 2008

(OK)Cupid has perfected his aim

I'm not going to lie to you guys.... A great majority of the guys on OKCupid are just not... exactly my cup of tea. Not that there's anything wrong with them, and for whatever reason there are tons of exceptionally intelligent/well-spoken guys on there (or at least guys who can write well), and a few that aren't too bad to look at as well. There are a few I've exchanged some good emails with, and two that I exchange texts or instant messages with sometimes. But honestly, none have really captured my attention. (I'm starting to wonder if I'm just exceedingly picky [that's rhetorical, by the way]).

And granted, I am looking for somewhat of the perfect person (more on that another time, I was thinking maybe I could focus my energy on finding it better if I can narrow in down in print), but looking on the internet, at least according to my friends, is the last place I'll ever find it.

I'll have you know that I meet people everywhere, not just online. I'm not lacking social skills, I'm not introverted in the least bit, I'm not insecure, and I enjoy meeting people. Heck, I even like public speaking (The #2 fear in the United States, second only to burning to death... hard to believe) which a lot of times is what introducing yourself to a perfect stranger feels like.

Anyway, to make this long rant just a little bit shorter, I've succumbed to OKCupid's lure basically just because of the quizzes. I like that they "know" me to some degree, and I like getting personality awards on my profile (though I don't agree with "More Greedy"... assholes). Occasionally I like to search through my "matches" (really... if you could only see most of them) just to see if there's actually someone I can picture spending time around without laughing (at, not with).

WELL! Last night, another late night conversation with the ex (more on that another time, if I ever find out he isn't reading this anymore) kept me up way past my bedtime.. I'm talking like 3 in the morning. Searching through dozens of engineering students, Dungeons and Dragons fans, and mama's boys, I was about to give up and go to sleep finally when someone caught my eye.

First off, hot. Not that that's all that matters, but initially online.... give me a break. Read his profile.... 25, really smart, very well spoken, local, great job. Look at his additional pictures.... even cuter that I thought originally, fantastic smile, sexy build, two dogs. Plus we're an 80% match. Not bad at all.

At this point I'm literally sitting here at my desk, swooning. What a spectacle that would have been. I hit Send Message... I start typing, realize I sound like an idiot. Start over. Play it cool? Tell him he's adorable? Stroke his ego? Point out of common interests? Use big vocab?

I finally settle for a little bit of spice and a little bit of sugar and send it off into the universe. And then sit there, wondering if I've said the wrong thing. And then wonder how many girls must message him a day. And then check, and find that he is getting hundreds of profile views. And then come to terms with my message getting lost in a sea of unfortunate looking ex-colorguards with a taste for anime, and it really doesn't matter if I said the right thing or not because he's never going to read it.

So I put it out of my mind and go back to my conversation with the ex. Minutes later, I hear a bell indicating that I have an incoming IM on OKCupid. I look. It's him.... Let's call him Scott.

He asks if I'm really up that late also, I tell him yes, and he tells me he appreciates my email, that it was really sweet. (Sweet.... great.) Then he tells me I'm really cute myself (ooh!), and is really tired but can't wait to talk to me again (aww!). He asks me a few questions, clearly having read my whole profile, and is really funny and nice. So we say goodnight, and then I smile for like 20 nerdy minutes over having talked to some guy who's voice I haven't even heard yet.

Ugh! I'm such a dork!

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=jsun said...
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The Girl in the Mirror said...

What makes you think we've talked from craigslist before?

J. Sun said...
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Jim said...

Hmmm, sounds like it could be something. Relax and give it time.

I've always been terrified of drowning, myself, more so than burning, so I think THAT would have to be my number 1, followed by burning. Related scenes in "The Piano" and the Bourne movies are hard for me to watch.

Wait, what about being crushed, or falling from a great height? Looking over the edge, at Rockefeller Center, was pretty bad.

Okay, drowning is #1, then falling, then the burning.

I also still have nightmares about a huge bear, someplace in the West. It's really hot, and he's always hiding behind the same pine tree. And he's standing, like a human.

Alright . . . drowning 1, animal attack/eaten alive 2, then falling, and then burning.

Public speaking is way down there. I do the imagine-myself-naked thing, and it's fine.

Or is it the AUDIENCE is naked? Whatever. Someone is naked, and it makes it all okay.


Anonymous said...

You're a classic example of most women on okcupid. I've used the site and promptly left and deleted my profile after 6 weeks. I'm a guy and I'll tell it from a guys perspective. Okcupid is full of women who are not seriously looking for you. on dating sites males always outnumber the females usually by 8 to 1. so women can pick and choose, but the real problem is that they end up choosing no one because theyre not seriously looking in the first place and also they dont need to try and "find the one" when next week there will be another 100 new guys to choose from. The fact you said you only joined for the quizzes says it all, you didnt join to find someone...therefore youre not worth my time, the feelings mutual.


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