Monday, January 7, 2008

Life isn't fair, Pt.1

The girl in the mirror is

A. Sick as all hell (and its been over a week!)

B. Posting this from her Treo, because she is

C. Unable to sign on to the internet.

Ahh! As if being sick isn't enough, I have to lay here in bed, feeling like crap, and I can't even play with OKCupid or have flirty AIM conversations. :(

It seems as though one of the many evil viruses infecting my laptop has attacked my wireless card... is this possible? It keeps saying there are wireless networks in range, but when I go to view them it says there aren't any, and won't connect.


So if any of you readers happen to be sexy tech-whizzes and want to email me ( ideas on how to fix this problem.... I would be MUCH oblidged.

'Til then.... muah!


1 people had something to say:

T. said...

geez, is anyone NOT sick right about now?


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