Monday, May 26, 2008

Lo Siento

I just wanted to send you all a quick apology for the newly censored comments. I still want you to leave comments and I welcome them. Why moderate, then?

Well, I'm just getting sick of seeing a few super hateful, moronic comments sprinkled in with all the others every time I look at my blog. Enough so to delete them. I'm not hiding anything. I'm saving myself (and maybe some of you) the irritation.

Yep. You're right! I do choose to put my life on the internet to share with anyone who wants to read it, and you're right - that does open myself up to criticism. Criticize away! Please, feel free. But do it in your own blog, k? Quit wasting my time.

Continue to leave them, and I'll approve any comment that is not oozing with hatred and condemnation. :)

5 people had something to say:

Katie B. said...

you go girl!

The Renaissance Man said...

C'est la vie, ma cherie.

Although, if you're gonna moderate every comment, perhaps you could get rid of the image screen?

Henrietta Hussy said...


cj said...

Whats to feel guilty about? It's your page. I delete anything that I don't think contributes to the comments section.

Take control girl!


So@24 said...

Here here!

I don't care of readers don't agree with everything I say (who wants a bunch of "yes" men anyway?).

But two things I always delete:

1. Anonymous comments that are just asking for a fight
2. Comments that are completely harsh.

No reason for it.


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