Monday, December 3, 2007

P.S.... Kazakhastan? Really?

Just wanted to mention.... this is awesome.

Thank you to Drew for recommending StatCounter, which provides a recent visitor map, so that I may see how many readers I have in Kazakhastan.

You are all awesome in all that you do, please keep spreading the word, I love you to a million itty bitty pieces. <3333

2 people had something to say:

Drew said...

I got one yesterday who was from a point in the Atlantic ocean, near Africa. I zoomed in, but it didn't show it being on any island. I have to assume, then, that someone is reading my blog on their boat. Weird, regardless.

Also, notice how you can view the Internet provider. Sometimes you can see people in newspaper offices, and random college campuses... and at government facilities.

The Girl in the Mirror said...

Was it southwest of Nigeria? I have one there... must be one lonely little fisherman. How flattering though, really. Don't you think?

What kind of service providers do CIA agents use?


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