Friday, December 28, 2007

JBF=Victory, according to VO5

Messing around on the internet today has led me to an amazing discovery, and that discovery is a game called The Ultimate Flirting Championship.

This is obviously right up my alley so I signed up immediately. Its an advertisement/game type thing from that VO5 hair product company where you make an avatar of yourself (or at least choose a face and a hair color and style you are amused by), pick a name, and are matched up with two members of the opposite sex (sorry to my gay friends out there) who are now contestants in your own personal dating show, vying for your affections.

You are asked to pick your 5 favorite questions out of 15, and the contestants have 30 seconds to type in their responses. After seeing both of them you pick your favorite answer and the game keeps tally so you can see which guy has the best answers at the end. You pick who you like the best and hearts erupt out of your heads and your hairstyles go from coiffed to (my personal favorite part of the whole sitch) "Victory Hair."

Yes, Victory Hair. Not JBF (or just-been-fucked for those of you who live under rocks or are members of extra conservative religious groups).... because as we all know, if you've just had your world rocked, you're obviously victorious, right?

Sheer genius.

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Joseph Gallo said...

Just wanted to say you've got a great blog and your sense of humor is astounding for being only 23. Brava to you for your wit and creativity.

A Date In The Life should be required reading for all knuckle-dragging, apron-bound, ettiquette-less, gay & straight Neanderthals who would benefit greatly in chunneling some of that pseudo-synthetic testosterone to the head with the grey matter supposedly quivering like so much thick-skinned pudding between the lopsided ears.

Keep educating, enlightening, and entertaining, dear. The right man will eventually appear when the heart is ready. Patience is its own reward. ;-)


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