Wednesday, July 30, 2008

queen of the crazies, part 2

As you can imagine, I was shocked and quite frankly, scared.

I immediately text The Ex to tell him and ask him why she would do that and what to do. Here is the background that I was given. (If you hate detail, skip it.)

He met her at a party through some friends sometime in mid-September, and very intoxicatedly listened to her sob stories and made out with her a bit. The week that followed consisted mostly of her following him around everywhere he went, and him not wanting to be an asshole so allowing this to go on (I never said he wasn't a pushover). Eventually he fessed up and told her he didn't feel that way about her.

That evening, as they hung out at one of their friend's houses drinking, she sobbed through self-harming threats and locked herself in the bathroom with a butcher knife she found in the kitchen. With everyone panicking, he finally broke in through the window and found she had been making small, deep cuts in her thigh. Whether or not they were in the shape of his name is still in question.

This behavior continued for a week or so before the whole group of friends unanimously decided she was not ever to be invited to any social function ever again, and she eventually left them alone for the most part, but the suicide-threatening phone calls at 3am didn't cease on his end. He refused to talk to her besides the times she swore she was sitting there with a knife. After awhile, he refused to talk to her, period. So, the phone calls stopped.

'Til one day, a couple weeks later, when he got a phone call from Crazimort (oh! I promised an explanation of her name. All of the girls in his social group were very much into Harry Potter at the time, and after saying 'she who must not be named' every time they referred to her, they came up with something more efficient.) who was sitting outside his front door. Did I mention she lived 45 minutes away? She swore up and down that she was "all better" and holding two bottles of expensive Pinot (I know, never a good excuse, but we learn from our mistakes) pretty much insisted that she come in and "talk."

As I'm sure you have guessed, talking led to drinking, and drinking led to blacking out (worsened by the fact that she hardly drank any at all but poured it very generously for him), drinking led to touching, and touching led to, as he surmised the next morning as he put the pieces together, sex. (If you're not humming Portions For Foxes at this point, something is wrong.) When I say pieces, I mean waking up naked in a bed with a girl (also naked) who's completely obsessed with you, and as you eye the floor frantically for a condom wrapper said girl telling you that you didn't use one, and now she is "worried." And she tells you she'll take a morning after pill. (Boys: If this ever happens, watch her swallow it.)

Five days (I kid you not) go by before she calls him in a panic because she is pregnant. No, really! I had no idea that there were pregnancy tests that could tell you that soon! Ugh. So being a young, naive, terrified 19 year old boy he believes it. As this horror unfolds, he begins to question her, asking if he can go to doctors visits with her or see some paperwork, which she aggressively denies and produces some papers clearly printed off the Planned Parenthood website, respectively.

Which brings us (almost) up to speed, when I met her on Halloween (a month and a half after their first meeting) as she professed her "pregnancy" as loudly as her need for a cigarette. So fast forward to when the Ex and I start talking, and he is telling me this and I'm trying to process it and figure out what to do about the 16 missed calls.

I listen to the voicemail, in which she very sweetly says, "hey it's me! Just calling to say hi. Oh, also I have a question for you. Can you call me back when you get a chance? Thanks!"

So I, fearfully if we're going to be honest here, IMed her instead. She starts unloading her version of reality, fit for a TV movie, where she thought that she and I were destined to become best friends, but now I've betrayed her by liking the guy who has impregnated-and-then-abandoned her, and now we'll never have that chance. Then she's telling me how she's very much in love with him and that he's in love with her too, but he's using me to try to make her jealous; that they have some "issues" to work out but that they're going to be getting back together, no doubt about it. She explains that the pregnancy was on purpose, because they want to start having children together already. Then she transitions into a description of how awful a guy he is and how he's out to lie, cheat and steal (and impregnate, I guess), and how he's plotting to do that to me too. She tells me how needy he is, and that's why she broke up with him. She ends it with a grotesque description of the abortion she's going to get to terminate the fetus he "helped" to create. In short, she goes through every nutcase story in the book, though none of them matched up. Unfalteringly, I let her know that I appreciate her concern but I will figure things out for myself, and proceed to block her screen name. (And also the 5 more she uses to IM me after said blockage.)

He calls me later, and tells me that although he isn't 100% (or even 10%) sure that she was really pregnant, he wanted to do the "right thing" so he met up with her at a coffee shop to give her the $400 it cost for her (fake) abortion that she had supposedly had only minutes prior. He reasoned that at least this way, it was off of his hands and we could be rid of her for good.

Or could we?

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Lyla Lou said... I'm scared to think about how many wonky ass crazies are really out there. The fake pregnancy, and fake abortion thing I've seen before, and really, why do all these crazies always come back less than a week after having sex and say they are pregnant? Seriously, do they honestly think that it's possible to detect a pregnancy in one week?

The whole knife and cutting thing, that's completely insane. Never seen that before.
Very rarely I like having the crazies around, they always make me look so normal=)

PubMaven said...

Ack! Not that this was at all a real pregnancy, but no one wants to be straddled with that bitch years down the line because she actually had the kid. Sooooooo scary.

LadyShay said...

First off, boys are dumb, lol. There is no way she would know she was prego that soon after. There is no way she could meet up [let alone walk] anywhere if she just had an abortion that morning. Wow. I wish I had $400!

Poor guy. How many more parts to this story???? I want it all!! :)

brwneyedgirl0685 said...

You definately thrive on other people's drama don't you? can't you just live your own life I mean it is fairly obvious that you cannot find a relationship from all the ridiculous stories you tell on here! geez!!! you definately have some growing up to do my dear.

The Girl in the Mirror said...

Kristen/brwneyedgirl... (no need for two different posting IDs if you're going to be so obvious my friend! )

I don't thrive on other people's drama, I've witnessed lots of it and the stories entertain people, thats why I tell them here, and why people come here to read them.

Obviously I can find a relationship, since the whole point of the story is the meeting and getting together with The Ex, who I was with for 2 years. See?

Not everyone is consumed by drama... only crazy girls. :)

If anyone's lost... catch up here: A Lesson In Catastrophe

That post's leading lady paid us another visit! How sweet.

Henrietta Hussy said...

holy shit... that is soooo juicy.
I really cannot understand why a girl would do that. seriously, i dont get it.
I have had some intense crushes and the most damage I have done is called 3 times in one day... and that makes me feel like i am crazy.

jeez. please tell me this story isnt over. i want more.

Jade said...

I'm addicted. Great shit!


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